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Group dance lesson



There are many group classes in ballroom dancing, why take private lessons?  Dancers quickly learn that the most important elements of ballroom dancing do not focus on choreography, but on body movement and connections. Group lessons focus on choreography due to the size of the group with students dancing with each other.

Students can learn faster one-on-one when they feel the correct movement from their instructor. The level of frustration is lower when a teacher can gear his/her teaching specifically to the student’s way of learning and motivation.  We believe that learning a few beginning steps with good technique enhances the confidence of beginning dancers and lets them become independent social dancers, i.e. quality vs. quantity.

Most social dancing is done at the bronze level, which is the first 10 steps learned in each dance style. Couples often find that they learn at different levels. We work with his male students to become active, moving leaders; and female students on how to respond and enhance the movement.

We offer different payment plans to accommodate our students’ budgets. As an independent studio (versus a studio franchise), we can offer the most value for your dollars spent.


Are you a first-time Dance Scene student and ready to get started? No prior experience or partner is needed for our private lessons.  We make even easier by giving you a discount! 3, 50-minute private dance sessions for $180 – regularly priced at $225 (a $45 savings!)  If you have a partner who would like the class with you, the price is the same!  That’s an amazing deal AND a great way to get to know someone better or do something fun and different with someone you love.


"Anna is an outstanding teacher! Great place to learn whether you’re new or experienced. Highly recommend The Dance Scene!!!!"

Chris Cheyne, dance student


Shelby Twp, MI

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